luxurious boutique hotel in Marrakesh

Palais Khum best hotel and luxurious Riad in marrakesh. Ancient foundouk Tzougarine, is ideally located in Dar El Bacha, considered in many prestigious touring guides, the most fascinating street of the old town centre of Marrakesh.
Dar El Bacha, whose name comes from the dreaded master of Marrakesh Tahmi el Glaoui, historic residence of eminent guests, such as Roosevelt and Churchill, brings visitors to small local handcraft shops which, blend in with most of the important central antique dealers to then get to chaotic souks, where bargaining between handcrafters and customers looking for various objects take place.

Palais Khum luxurious boutique hotel in Marrakesh,  restored in respect of local tradition, in an architectonic journey, which summarizes historical influences of all passing cultures, resumes “the tradition” of a 360 degrees hospitality, which goes from the hotel, to restaurant, to wellness areas, and offers with its several gardens, halls, small and big terraces, swimming pool, a unique and unforgettable experience of custom made and refined tourism.

Eleven charming rooms with individual theme, luxurious Riad in marrakesh with two accessible gardens, a Deco taproom, a huge indoor warmed pool, several terraces, two hammams and massage rooms, various rest areas, a retro coffee house and a bakery on Dar El Bacha, the road of the antique dealers.

A dinner by Palais Khum luxurious boutique hotel in Marrakesh, is a journey through perfumes, flavours and typical Mediterranean sensations in a fascinating fusion of cultures, innovations and traditions.

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