Palais Khum luxury Riad in Marrakech Medina. menu is the essence of italian cooking, which combine Italian traditional cooking techniques, with the extraordinary flavors of Moroccan ingredients.The exclusive employ of local products, in fact, guarantees to our dishes freshness, quality and flavor, and we are determined on this choice also because it’s a way to contribute to develop local economy.

All the carefully selected ingredients, are then transformed by professional chefs, who always work in respect of health and hygiene rules as per  European standards.Result is a perfect balance in flavors, offered in a wide selection of recipes, exclusively thought to satisfy any food’s exigency and to whet the appetite even to the most refined palates.All meals respect local tradition, avoiding to use pork meats and their by-products obtained; furthermore Palais Khum offers original and tasty dishes even for celiacs and vegans.A dinner by Palais Khum luxury boutique hôtel, is a journey through perfumes, flavours and sensations, typical of the Mediterranean in a fascinating fusion of cultures,  traditions  and innovations.